Mixa- Mixed Reviews

In my first post, I was banging on about the Mixa range of products now available in Ireland via Superdrug and McCabes pharmacy. I decided to give them a full month of road testing before I wrote a review and my review is well….mixed.

Let’s hit the SOS Repair hand cream. From the pic below, you can see it’s been drained of all life. We used the whole damn thing.


It in no way stands up as a hand cream for hardworking hands. Mine resemble a docker who also has a nightshift at the coal-mine ,due to trying to renovate a house with (a) little knowledge and (b)little time. It’s lightly scented which is a pro but it has a vaseliney style quality to it which just isn’t for me. It’s more in line with a Neutrogena Norwegian Hand cream, but cheaper and less effective. You need a lot of the product for it to work in any noticeable way and doesn’t dry in immediately so I think I’ll be returning to Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve once pay day rolls around.

body lotion

The Mixa Firming body lotion fared a lot better, you don’t need a huge amount of it, it’s largely unscented which is good if you like wearing a strong perfume and it leaves a lasting feeling of moisture without feeling sticky or oily. This is one I’ll definitely buy again. It’s cheap and cheerful at €8.49 so you feel like you can help yourself to large handfuls from the efficient pump. So mixa-ed reviews for these products. The Mixa Cicaplast is next on my list when going to Superdrug so I’ll review that at a later date.

Have you tried it yet?

In a while crocodiles.


Man, I feel like a new woman!

There is nothing and I repeat nothing like the feeling when someone else does your hair. What kind of wonderful magic does a hairdresser have that can make you feel like a new person once you’ve been?

When I had really short hair, I used to go to a very high-end stylist in South William Street, Dublin 2. It was a very particular pixie cut and I only trusted two stylists to do it. I used to get my haircut religiously every ten minutes but I noticed month by month the price increasing. This  was during the Celtic Tiger period of the Irish economy and I was essentially spending 80quid every two months getting a tiny bit of hair snipped, preened and styled. However, what really put me off was the upselling of products, services ( We have a new beauty therapist who could sort out those nails) and the snippiness (excuse the pun) if I dared to wait an extra two weeks over my regular haircut schedule ( I’ll have to cut it back into shape now… harumpf!). 

So I switched to a more down to earth salon, Style Club. When I worked on the south side I used to go to the one on South Williams St. I did feel like I was having an illicit affair walking by my old hairdresser to go in but the staff were always nice, did what was asked of them and the price was the price. No up selling, no pushing of products. Just in and out with a bit of chat, good music and leopard print décor. My inner Bet Lynch loves the kitschy design and its sister salon on North Earl St is just the same but now in walking distance of my north side place of work. 

I went yesterday feeling scruffy and hideous and showed the stylist, Lisa just what I wanted. My google image words never let me down!

And batta bing, my wish was granted and my hair styled to perfection. She even gave me a snazzy curly blow dry which kinda blew my mind. I left in the hideous Dublin rain feeling like bloody Lady Diana!

Any tips of keeping my hair this shiny greatly appreciated. Equally if anyone wants to volunteer to do my hair for free everyday, drop me a message! 
In a while crocodiles. 


Oh Beehive Yourself!


Confession time ; I haven’t had a haircut since Christmas. As you all know, this was around the time I bought my house and to be honest, time and finances just wouldn’t allow for a good cut. But, finally, I’ve made an appointment and am going for the chop later. Good luck to the stylist working her way through the frizz, may the odds forever be in your favour.


But it got me thinking about my favourite hairstyle of all time; the beehive. I used to rock a beehive every day a few summers ago and really need to get back into the swing of it. Created in the 1960s Chicago, it’s the essence of elegance and fairly effortless as long as you have a mouth full of bobby pins, a tangle teezer, a can of hairspray and ten minutes on your hands. I think I’ll do a Youtube tutorial video in the future if anyone wants to have a wee look at how simple it is. My inspiration came from chef Gizzi Erskine and I think she was the reason why I first tried beehiving and spent a whole summer looking as sharp as eff.


I think I stopped whipping my hair up when my hairdresser told me that all the backcombing was damaging my hair. I’ve since found the solution, well a kind of solution, you do need some backcombing and elbow grease but Backcomb in a Bottle takes a lot of the hard work out of it. I bought mine in Boots and it costs around a tenner but lasts a good while. They also have a travel sized one which I keep in my handbag in case I feel like doing some karaoke and need to complete my Ronettes/ Amy Winehouse look at a moments notice


Anyway, wish me luck for a successful chop this afternoon. I’ll be back to my Bet Lynch best in no time!


In a while crocodiles.



Mixa Skincare et moi.

Those of you who know me are aware that I’m a sensitive soul, that is to say I have sensitive skin. This wasn’t always the case but over the last few years, I’ve noticed my allergies are getting worse and I have to be very careful about which products I use on my skin. So, imagine my excitement when I saw that Mixa were coming to Ireland. I’ve always been a bit of a Francophile since Joe Le Taxi and every time I get to travel to France, I leave space in my Breton filled bag for French Pharmacy goodies.

It all started with Nuxe products, I was addicted to their Huile Prodigieuse® long before I ever got my grubby mitts on Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate® and the love of all things French intensified with La Roche-Posay hitting our shelves. However, of late, I’ve been a bit broke, so the idea of a cheaper heritage French pharmacy brand hitting our shelves had me all of a dither last week.

Mixa specialise in sensitive skin care and the way I see it, 93 years of skincare can’t be wrong!Their products are paraben and alcohol free which bodes well for my sensitive skin and paws. They are not the easiest to come by in Ireland however, with the products being stocked only in Superdrug, McCabes and Cara pharmacies. I bought the Firming Body Lotion (because I’m 38 and spend my whole non-working life looking at my neck for signs of sagging) and the SOS hand repair cream as I’ve just bought a house (hence the nod to impoverishment above) and spend my life painting, plastering and last week, tarring a roof (seriously)!

I’m going to give it two weeks before I come back with a full review and let you know honestly how these products work.. or don’t if the case may be. I’ll be lashing them on and hoping for the very best.

In a while crocodiles.